Horse Boarding

Cedar Lodge Stables has a wonderful group of year around boarders. Some have been around long enough, I’m not so sure they can’t be called family. They have no set type. Anything from the Intermediate rider that enjoys pleasure riding, and maybe an occasional lesson, to the advanced show rider. Whatever your expertise, you will find yourself welcome here, for our boarders understand that they have one thing in common: their love of horses. It is not uncommon to see a diverse group going on a Sunday mid-morning trail ride together, chatting while they pull manes in the middle aisle, or sitting at Chris’s kitchen table with a cup of coffee.

What we offer: 

  • 12×12 box stalls
  • Group turn out overnight in large pastures weather permitting
  • 3 large outdoor arenas of different sizes, one small lounging arena
  • Use of our 80 x 120 indoor arena with an observation area
  • Personal tack room cabinet and saddle/bridle racks
  • Indoor and outdoor wash stalls with hot and cold water
  • Feed grain twice daily personalized to your horses needs. (Triple crown senior gold, Tributes Essential K, and local sweet feed all provided)
  • Supplements fed daily
  • Farrier handling, first aid care, and stall cleaning all included.

Other add ons

  • Hard keeper board (any horse above 4lbs of feed daily is charged an $50 extra to cover costs of grain), feeding mushy (extra $30/month), and any other feeding needs.
  • Training Rides In house training rides available through private contracting. $20-25 per ride for boarders.
  • Lessons  $35/1 hour group or a half hour private, $45 for a 1 hour private
  • Grooming your horses while you are gone. $60/month for 3 times weekly, $120/month for 6 days weekly.
  • Mane pulling and show clipping $25 for a mane pull or a show clip.
  • Vet Handling Fee $15 if we handle.
  • Worming Every 3 months, $10 extra charge.

Cedar Lodge year around staff lives on grounds and do most of the day to day handling of boarded horses to insure the safe keeping and welfare of each animal. Most Cedar Lodge boarders live between 30 and 100 miles from the stable. They rest assured that even on days that they cannot make it to the barn their horse will be given the same high level of care as if they were there.

Flat Rate Price: $400.00, extra charges stated above.

Hard Keepers Board: $450 (horses who eat over 4lbs of feed per day)